January 2018: The page for the 2nd Big English & Politics Competition between NENU's Dept. of Law & Politics and RUNIN is a work in progress. The two courses I taught and facilitated for RUNIN, Freshmen Speaking & Junior Critical Thinking, each have their own pages.

June/July 2017: In anticipation of a trip to Hokkaido, I've compiled lists of my favorite Japanese songs, bands/artists, and albums. Added a new page to detail my work for Rutgers University Newark Institute at NENU (RUNIN), mainly links to videos played in class and the files outlining what was discussed. Although it was started much earlier and closer to the event in Nov. 2016, I didn't get all the images cropped and finish the official account of the Big English & Politics Competition until recently.

September 2016: Home page link to Resume/CV now goes to a dryly concise academic CV for academic employers less interested in my high school musical exploits. Completists can find the original page and a PDF version atop it. Major additions and changes to Chinese Alternative Music page include a 4th Manifesto, linked list of favorites, answers to Quora questions, and a lot of links to articles and other relevant reading/listening material. Syllabi for Fall 2016 semester courses at NENU added, along with several class handouts in the list at the bottom of the page. Other handouts not used at NENU were added to the TEFL page to the CLASS HANDOUTS (leftmost) list.

June 2016: Two big, introductory files about Western movies and music added for EFL students to immerse themselves in geekery. Blogged against streaming music and in favor of a healthy dose of misanthropy. Linked Academic Portal to NENU page and working on adding classroom handouts from NENU classes to a big menu.

February 2016: Landing portal page for my classes at NENU lists syllabi for my IR for EFL courses. Blogged about job satisfaction being more important than salary. Several updates on Links Page, such as bloggish things.

January 2016: Aaron's subsite is in testing phase. Dug up my blog posts from the PC.

August 2015: Added UCI papers since 2012 (about 10 of them) and a few blog entries. Fixed link to basic computer class curriculum. Sasquatch frame was cutting off the issue links in Google Chrome, so I re-wrapped the line of links. Also finally returned the missing issues 1~4, 1~6, 1~7, 1~9, 1~10, 1~11, 2~1, 2~2, 2~3, 2~5, and Volume 3. That page was in shambles! Relinked all the files from the original Sounds page. Updated CV to have entries since 2011, including conference papers. Catalog of Asian CD collection now on Chinese Alternative Music page. Working on the missing files from the Computerization page, which apparently didn't impress the interviewers at LBCC for a position as a computer lab attendant. Oh well.

July 2014: Major update! Favorite Films and Favorite Print Media pages added. Very long Chinese Music Manifesto 3 and tracklist of favorite Chinese alternative music mixes added. Links page updated. Five new files added to the Classroom Handouts in the TEFL page, from lessons at Changzhi University. Recentered some background photos. MST3K quotes also added.

January 2014: Blog created.

January 2013: Photos portal page created (can't figure out how to make pop-up menus from the home page options). New album, 2009 to 2012, created. Several sketches and a screen print added to Art web gallery.

July 2012: Academic papers from 2011-2012 added to UCI Academic Work page. One more still needs to be written.

June 2012: More than quadrupled the images in Dad's oil paintings. Experiments with randomness are now found in the CV's images and the mini highlight tour on the index. (2013 Removed Random Highlights b/c they never worked.)

January 2012: Site for KUCI shows restructured for season two of the Diaoyu-Senkaku Alternative (now at a reasonable hour, with new ads!). Unable to access the KUCI server since spring 2011, so the -Mental Music site is on the DSA's coattails, with updated playlists. Computerization background pic shows up but could use some resizing.

July 2011: Log created. Chinese Alternative Music subsite added to "Sounds" (Manifesto 2 & links to record labels). Academic portal page and 7 of 8 papers from the first year at UCI added to a new UCI Academic Work page. Lazily posted the mini-reviews of albums for KUCI in the 2010-11 school year and typed up a massive list of my favorite music, to be linked little by little to bands' and artists' websites.

Summer 2011: "Sounds" and "Other" portals created. Dad's oil paintings & "Ode to Torgo" added. Bkgrd. pic for "Computerization" fixed (actually not fixed-Ed.). Links to KUCI and several other sites added.

Summer 2010: "Computerization" page and files added from NYC Civic Corps/Americorps Service.

Summer 2009: Initial Launch. While this wouldn't be a flagship site for any webdesign program, it was made w/ Dreamweaver and took a really long time to make!