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The official Podbean site and subreddit for OoO don't seem to have an easy or obvious way to list everything that's ever been posted on OoO, so my solution is to get personal here. Hosting w/ Podbean will be up for renewal in Oct. 2021, and I hope the price won't be higher to commit to another year. If you have any suggestions for growing our audience (other than improving sound quality and production level...these are known issues), please contact DJ Poseur at omniscientfool@yahoo.com Similarly, this page will someday label episodes by the genre of music involved, try to recruit cohosts, and brainstorm topics for "scheduled digression" episodes. If you think this page needs something else, tell me.

GUIDE TO COHOSTS & THEIR ALIASES: Episodes are named according to their cohost. Ced (C); Dean (E); DuballA (A); idiotprogrammer (Robert Nagle) (I); Optimus Grimes (OG); DJ Keep Roomie & sometimes DJ Karev (EKR); Loveheart (LH); Chiara (& sometimes Xiao Liu); HannahBackward (HhB); Episodes with DJ Poseur and no cohost or second album pick are labeled (ESolo)

ABBREV. KEY: AE = Asian Edition (may or may not be a standard episode format...if not, will be labeled as SDAE); SD = Scheduled Digression (an episode-length discussion with guests in a format other than a standard episode); Official episode titles begin with E; The Obscurity Quiz name should contain the name of the contestant and maybe the theme of the quiz


Full Content List (In chronological order from newest to oldest, linked to the official site. You could scroll through yourself and find it all, but that'd probably take longer, especially as the catalog fills up over the coming decades)


ELH1 Pitch Black Manor "Monster Classics" & The Spits "Haunted Fang Castle"

Obscurity Quiz w/Loveheart

EI3 Monk Turner "God Complex" & Leslie Hall "Songs in the Key of Gold"

Obscurity Quiz w/idiotprogrammer on concept albums

EI2 Onuka "Mozaïka" & Mireia Vilar "La Plaga"

Obscurity Quiz w/idiotprogrammer on Europop divas

EC1 The Faint "Danse Macabre" & Nurses "Dracula"

Obscurity Quiz w/ Ced Albums mentioned by Ced Severino in preparation for our episode

EI1 Many Birthdays "Black Mountain Blue Sea" & 13 Year Cicada "00YES"

Obscurity Quiz w/ idiotprogrammer Favorites from 1979

SD4 Profiles in Music Exploration w/ idiotprogrammer

EKR4 Stuart Davis "Music For Mortals" & Mashrou Leila "Ibn El Leil"

EHhB1 Jacob Collier "Djesse Vol. 2" & Hyperpotamus "Delta"

HhB Obscurity Quiz Mostly a cappella music

EKR3 Gabby's World "OK" & акульи слёзы (Sharks Tears) "Experience of the Charm"

Obscurity Quiz w/ DJ Keep Roomie & DJ Karev Lo-fi bedroom pop

SD3 NPR Tiny Desk Concerts w/ DJ Keep Roomie & DJ Karev

SD2: AE1 Supermarket 超级市场 with Chiara & Xiao Liu

EKR2 Grand Drive "True Love & High Adventure" & TW Walsh "Songs of Pain & Leisure"

Obsurity Quiz w/ DJ Keep Roomie Alt. Country

EKR1 Kacey Johansing "Grand Ghosts" & Shilpa Ray "Door Girl"

Obscurity Quiz w/ DJ Keep Roomie Female vocalists in the 2010s

ESolo1 Solenoid "The Narissist" & Others in IDM ("Intelligent Dance Music")

SD2: How the Youth Are Listening w/ DJ Poseur's cousins under age 20, Vincent & Jonathan

Obscurity Quiz w/ OG bands OG has posted about on Facebook

EOG1 Demons "Dekalb F*ing City" & IQU "Sun Q"

SD1: Streaming Mad DJ Poseur reads a blog post on why streaming platforms should NOT be your main way to listen to music in the 21st century

Obscurity Quiz w/ DuballAon "synthesizer music" that's not necessarily synth-pop, including some considered experimental

EA1 Dolores Catherino's works on Bandcamp & Chrome Canyon "Elemental Themes" (experimental synthesizer music)

Obscurity Quizzes w/ Dean & DuballA experimenting with how to do The Obscurity Quiz and not always succeeding with flying colors

E2 Wyrd Visions "Half-Eaten Guitar" & Spice 香料 “Mobius Omega 无限电阻”

E1 Starlight Mints "The Dream that Stuff Was Made of" & Mal Blum "Pity Boy" (power pop)


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