Compendium of My eMusic Threads on Reddit

My Reddit posts lists everything, as does eMusers. Both get a bit unwieldy with the shifting titles. This list strips everything down to the relevant topic, especially specific styles of music, regions, or price points. Note that I sometimes post album recommendations and labels in the same post and sometimes separately. All in all, I would say I have a bit of a stake in eMusic continuing to exist now. Lists take a long time to compile and are only as worthwhile as their currency; this post inspired me to start this documentary quest but is sadly an artifact now. Props to Idiotprogrammer for his work in a similar vein.

As of mid-2021, these reputable labels remain, a good place for those new to eMusic to start, if I do say so myself.

The inspiration extended to composing a list of eMusic "Truisms, Daoist Wisdom, and Zen Koans," found at the bottom of this page. I cannot take you there. It must be a journey of deep, personal searching within.

Styles/Genres As of April 2020 this section will continue to expand.

Alternative Rock Alt. Rock 2 Alterlatino Rock en Español or Portuguese Alterlatino 2 Ambient Bells/Marimba/Xylophone Dronescapes (Mostly Electronic) Dub Drum & Bass/Jungle Electronica (Downtempo/Chillout) Downtempo Electronic 2 Electronica Labels (Downtempo/Chillout) Electronica (IDM) Electronica Labels (IDM) Electronica (Techno & House) Electronica Labels (Techno & House) Experimental Experimental 2 Experimental 3 Experimental Electronic Labels Experimental Electronic Albums Experimental Electronica 2 Female Vocalists Folk Folk 2 Folk (Roma/Balkan/Middle Eastern/World) Folk (Africa & Middle East) Folk Labels Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco Fusion Hip-hop Hip-hop Labels Hip-hop & pop en español/Portuguese IDM 2 Industrial Jazz2 (Cheap) Jazz3 Jazz4 Jazz5 Jazz6 Metal New Classical New Classical 2 New Wave (& more Synth-rock) Unpopular Pop Unpopular Pop 2 Post-Rock Post-Rock 2 Progressive Rock (thanks to pjf) Progressive Rock & Surf Rock Rock Labels Synth-Pop Synth-Pop w/ Female Vocals Trip-hop & Urban Electronica

Regions (Usually grouped together but sometimes by individual country)

Africa & The Middle East Chinese Jazz East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) Europe Eastern Europe Northern Europe Latin America & Iberian Peninsula World Hip-hop

Price Points (Getcha bargains here!)

99-Cent Jazz & New Classical 99-cent record labels 99-cent albums 99-Cent & Cheap Electronica EPs Jazz2 (Cheap) 20 Favorite $1/NYP Purchases from 2019-2020

Other Posts

Music Access Moral Continuum 2010s Favorites 2019 Favorites 20 Questions for 2020 First 2020 Download Future of the Music Industry (Apple, Amazon, Google) Labels Remaining Sample Labels Remaining Reasons Masters of the Pose Playcounts Measure Download Quality? Positive Naiveté (My first post ever) Why Pay Anything for Music Access? The $75 Music Challenge Taking Stock: How many albums do you have from eMusic? Not unlike the Svalbard Global Seed Vault by the north pole as a last resort if anything tragic should befall the whole of humanity, if eMusic ever disappears completely, The Masters of the Pose must live on for eternity! Behold their immortal visages, painstakingly screen captured, and may they be etched in your mind for all time. Romano Aspas Николай Басков Others

Beyond Upvoting: De-ephemeralization of My Favorite Posts of Enduring Interest and Usefulness by Others

Lots of these are archived, but I wouldn't mind seeing some revived. Consider them my all time favorites of the sub, should be organized by OP user and date. hc = u/hello_cthulhu sc = u/Soulcoal cc = u/Classiscot. Notably excluded are the user eulogies.

On the Catalog or The "Death Spiral" (Historical Record of What's Been on eMusic)

vpell 3/20 Labels sc 1/20 7 Digital Official Linking 10/19 Final Death Spiral? cc 10/19 ICO & Blockchain sc 8/19 7 Digital Takeover sc 8/19 Tamir Koch interview 7/19 Blues & Jazz Catalog hc 7/19 Unsubscribes hc 4/19 Mystery Purge pjf 4/19 Moderator Inquiry hc 4/19 Moderator Inquiry 3/19 Long thread on "cleaning house" pjf 3/19 Moderator Inquiry hc 19 Domino departs & discussion of industry profits in long thread sc 18 culls long thread hc 9/18 cull hc Same name bands mods 12/18 picks hc 18 singles labeled hc 2/18 Endangered Labels hc deleted labels list hc 17 Cull hc 17 Non-updating Labels 17 Content Loss Announcement hc 17 Aug. Missing label list hc 17 July Missing label list hc 17 June labels

On the Blockchain, Site Functionality, or The Music Industry in General (The Big Picture)

vpell March 2020 hiccup sc 12/19 Spotify profitable sc 11/19 Blockchain puff piece 11/19 Blockchain/Token Frustrations pjf 10/19 Blockchain Implementation 9/19 Blockchain profiles & Skepticism hc 3/19 Downloads Vs. Physical Media sc 2/19 Reverse ICO brighternow & Mods blockchain vision mods 12/18 streaming devalues music sc 18 Crytocurrency bubble hc 18 Save eMusic hc 18 The Orchard & negotiations Mods 18 Long streaming revenue discussion hc & sc 18 Boosters Versus Streaming Math (CLASSIC, USEFUL POST!) sc 18 Amazon streaming versus downloading Mods 17 Stream-onomics Mods 17 Official Blockchain announcement? hc 17 Indie Labels & Streaming hc 17 Licensing hc 17 Focus Group hc 17 Relaunch problems compiled

On Other Topics (Including more from eMusers)

stein 11/19 Regrets after Canceling? Mods 18 Forum Rules Mods 18 put on a brave face Purchase Lists 60s-70s Progressive Rock Progressive Rock eMusic Beta Still On Bargains Nostalgia for great discoveries Unsubscription eMusers New Releases up to 2019

Sorry about how ugly the links are jumbled together. I'll have my team of programmers get right on gussying it up.

Truisms, Daoist Wisdom, and Zen Koans of eMusic in 2019-2020

1. Search not for what you want. Browse from what is available.

2. Hesitation is riskier than the impulsive purchase. What is here today may be gone tomorrow.

3. “Sorry, That Album Is Not Available” is not the end of the world.

4. The way to see eMusic is not as the source for the latest albums you know you want. It is as a used record store full of albums you didn’t know you wanted. There is only the way.

5. Boosters [>] Blockchain (at least for now/so far)

6. What is eMusic without the music you want? We must all work to transcend our mundane desires.

7. Meditate on obscurity.

8. What is unknown cannot be promoted, criticized, downloaded, or bilked out of royalties.

9. When in haste and lacking other insight, judge albums by their covers.

10. We in this forum are but a vocal minority of subscribers and former subscribers who can only approach but never reach full information. Yet one of us may be the unsubscriber who precipitates the reincarnating process of creative destruction. Death spirals have but one conclusion.

11. It is not whether the music is good or bad but our receptiveness to it in a given time and situation that is deterministic. Except for the yoga and meditation compilations. That is bad music.

12. Do our wishlists save us time and suffering if they loom over and betray us?

108. When enlightenment is attained, the labels will return.

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